Draft Report for Faculty-Staff Workshop

Draft Report for Conference and Fellowship Concerning the Priesthood of the Gospel for Professionals, Educators and Community Saints

The conference and fellowship concerning the priesthood of the gospel for professionals, educators and community saints was held in the meeting hall of the Church in Houston on May 8-10, 2015. There are  attendees which include faculty and staffs from  campuses, students, and professionals and community saints. The conference mp3 files will be posted on the website for the Church in Houston (www.churchinhouston.org).

The conference and fellowship covered 5 topics, one special fellowship and one small group fellowship. The first topic is about fellowship concerning the burden of campus work. The brothers gave a brief history of the campus work for the Lord’s Recovery in the U.S., and highlighted the best “fishing ponds” for the Lord’s Recovery are the college campuses, and five groups of saints (matured co-workers, younger full-timers, part-time saints, faculty and staffs, and students) should coordinate together to preach the gospel in the schools. The brothers used the following learning pyramid diagram to talk about efficiency for different teaching methods. Teaching others has the average retention rate 90%. So preaching gospel to others is the best practice on campus.

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The second topic is about preaching the gospel on the college campuses. The brothers talked about the campus work seasons, and emphasized that we should grasp the opportunity of the incoming new students during their orientation, contact people one by one and save people one by one, and open homes to gain people. The third topic is about living the church life in the Lord’s Recovery today. The brothers used their own testimonies to talk about the God-ordained, scriptural way to practice the church life is begetting, nourishing, teaching and building.

The fourth topic is about living a proper human life for the proper church life, and the fifth topic is about pursuing truth and life, and coordinating in service in the Body. The Lord’s recovery has four pillars: truth, life, church and gospel. The truth brings us life, life produces the church, and the church is responsible for the preaching of the gospel. As Christians, our professional are priest, we should serve God at full-time (because we cannot serve God and Mammon), and work for living at part-time.

Brother Kenneth R. Diller gave a special fellowship about his newly taught course: Science and the Bible at University of Texas at Austin. This course is based on the Bible: Holy Bible Old and New Testaments, Recovery Version with outlines, charts, footnotes, and references. He uses the following diagram to compare science with the Bible. This course really opens the completely new way to preaching the gospel on college campus.

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For faculty and staff fellowship session, about 46 faculty and staff from different campus attended it. Some asked brother Kenneth some questions about the course: Science and the Bible; some talked about how to present the belief in the classes properly; some gave testimonies about how to balance family life, work life, and the church life.