North Carolina State University

Please come to my house North Carolina State University and campus Christian introduction 1. Introduction to North Carolina State University  North Carolina State University ( North Carolina State University ) Was established in 1887, is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics famous universities. There are more than 30,000 students, graduate students, accounted for one-fourth, a significant number of international students. School teachers and strong, with more than 8,000 staff and 19 United States Academy of Sciences and Academy of engineering. Annual budget is about $ 820 million, funding for scientific research and technological development in America to 31st place. University Library D.H.Hill library and four branch libraries to form a total collection of 3.1 million volumes.Ten College of North Carolina State University: agriculture and life sciences, design, Education, engineering, natural resources, the humanities and social sciences, management, physics and mathematics, textiles and veterinary science . School a total of 115 undergraduate programs, 168 master's degree and 61 doctoral programs.Government actively supports the development of North Carolina State University, North Carolina, in the late 80 allocate 1000 acres of land for the school record of the Centennial campus and features is the integration of teaching and research and industrial development in one, is now available for more than more than 130 companies, Governments and research institutions into the campus, becoming the country's leading research and development integration of a new University campus.World renowned Research Triangle Park ( Research Triangle Park —RTP ) That is located in North Carolina Raleigh ( Raleigh ), And is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University ( Chapel Hill ) Of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) and the dehan (Durham), Duke University (DUKE) connected into a triangle, covers an area of more than 7,000 acres, the park there are GSK , IBM , CISCO 157, High-tech companies, nearly 50,000 high-tech employees.2. Introduction to scholars and Chinese scholars living Research advanced technology not only in the region, and suitable climate, lower levels of consumption, has been awarded the best to live in. Many large corporations are moving from high consumption of California and New England to move into the area, coupled with the already existing high-tech companies, good employment opportunities, attracts numerous high-tech talent from around the world, become America's population in one of the fastest growing areas. There are a large number of Chinese academics, Chinese community life easier, there are large Oriental supermarket, Chinese schools, and so on. Each campus has scholars group of Chinese scholars, large triangle has a membership of China Hualian group.3. Campus Christian student gathering and Gospel From the early 80, Luo Lizhao came into contact with students at North Carolina State University. 90 late influx of mainland Chinese scholars scholars United States, North Carolina State University, has attracted more than 100 students from mainland China every year. For these scholars , brothers take with one accord in prayer, accept from the main burden, go visit, son of the search for peace. In spring 1999, student hostel for six weeks to visit, bring in large numbers of students to the bean party, saved many students are baptized. Knock from the first fruits are already on the ground in the life of the Church to function.After visiting in spring 1999, for several years in a row, every Thursday night, brothers and sister firm in prayer and went out to visit. Not only pity them in daily life, and also gave them spiritual feeding. Sisters in love Cook in boiled eggs, stewed beef tendon meat, for all kinds of breads and cakes students warm hearts, brothers through sharing spiritual laws booklet, asked the students to understand, accept and enjoy Jesus Christ. Most frequent visits of students see certificate, is each Thursday as they hope, no matter how busy their studies, as long as sees his brother or sister brilliant smiling face, they get in behind.Brothers and sisters in a visit to get motivated, brothers and sisters into the campus of the increasing burden of the Gospel. Interaction on the students ' visit, several open at the same time, several years as one day, Love feast in the students home party, in daily life in the attentive care. Here, the students not only to enjoy a hearty meal of meals, comforting words, meticulous care, more primary light of life, the primary discourse of moisture. Students are increasingly open to the main, to the brothers and sisters Open. Accordingly, more brothers and sisters are happy, open the door, open the refrigerator, opening the Bible, invites students, and today there are more than 30 more steadfastly to cater for students '.A few years later, Luo Lizhao will gradually become the students ' trust in the home. Student Union cadres become familiar to our friends or brothers and sisters of the Gospel, they safely entrusted to our freshmen, we help students from pick up to fully down. Saints God gave these students as our industry, eager for every prayer, and receiving home care. Over the past two years, reaching out to students more than more than 100 a year, has about 30 new students were receiving home, dipped more than more than 20. At present, contact student preaching the Gospel has become part of Luo Lizhao Saints lives.From the second ○○ Six-year campus evangelical party brothers began trying to once a month. B 0 0 October 7, added Gospel truths question-and-answer, take this sake of younger brothers and sisters. More and more brothers and sisters are willing to read the Bible, truth, and Gospel give their exports, contributing to the family Gospel outlet. Many graduates remain in local Research Triangle Park work in church life continues to be perfected, every clothing thing a new force. Monthly gathering of Gospel, from poetry to witness information, opening up these young brothers and sisters serve.Luo Lizhao was focused on bringing young people to reconcile in the training which they saw visions of Christ and the Church. Every spring and South in Atlanta, North Washington, DC in the fall, going northward to New Jersey in the summer, West bound California in winter. An increasing number of young working adults the Saints see visions in the training, be some work, Renaissance, attracting more brothers and sisters. At present there have been many restored Bible classics Group (RSG) was established, many saints were brought to one year in the pursuit of New Testament times to practice.Luo Lizhao will hand over more than 130 of the Saints in various languages, is now work together to build a new club that ranked Delta Center. Gospel by seven full-time campus, campus is also being expanded from North Carolina State University, Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that two elite schools. May the Lord continue to bless this Gospel.      NCSU Campus ChristiansChristians on Campus at NCSUContact: Steve KingEmail : swang1132@gmail.comContact phone: (919)924-6529